Sunday, January 5, 2014

Very short reviews of a few things

The Lorax is a far better movie than you might imagine. The songs are brilliant, the animation is excellent, and it's got Betty White. I think it's true to Seuss's vision, too.

I often do not like spiced teas very much, but I very much like the Christmas blend from Tin Roof Teas. I am normally very skeptical about statements like this, but: I am starting to think it's just that I don't like spiced teas I can get at the grocery store.

I did not very much like the 2005 version of Pride and Prejudice when I first saw it. I was all, "Keira Knightley is no Lizzie Bennett!" and I was annoyed at all of the smoldering and the lack of humor. I still feel that way a bit, but last night I watched the end of it again, and you know, it's a lovely movie. It's very slow and pretty and the guy who plays Darcy isn't all bad, and the Jane is actually better than the Jane from my favorite version, which is the BBC miniseries. However, Colin Firth will always be my favorite Darcy, and Jennifer Ehle has a sardonic, cool edge that Knightley lacks and needs for playing Lizzie.

Endless Alphabet is the best iPad app we ever bought for Henry. The Toca Boca apps are also fantastic.

That is all.

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  1. I loved that Jennifer Ehle gave her Lizzie a kind of angry impatience that I always thought she had in the novel. But I also like the kind of dreamy restlessness of the 2005 version...the director admitted he never read the book, and so what comes across is what he chose...and he chose well w hen it came to the family scenes.

    I've been rereading Sense and Sensibility since I got back from Copenhagen, and I might just need to do an Austen marathon!