Thursday, December 23, 2010

Our Christmas Vacation: Day Two

Hello! I have finally slept a whole night through, and I feel fantastic. It's nearly 11 AM, and we've just decided that today we're going to go to downtown Brussels and see a cathedral and a museum (not the Christmas market, which is set for tomorrow).

Yesterday, we went to Bruges, which was like "walking around in a snowglobe," said Melissa.

Yeah, pretty much. I could write about the beguinage and the old mansion funded by beer taxes and the canals and Minnewater, but why don't I just show you pictures? That was the point of the place, for us. To see pretty old things.

Me, along one of the many canals in Bruges, with a monument in the background. The canals were frozen over, well enough at least for the ducks to walk around on top of the ice.

Nerdy Melissa, doing a silly little jig on a snow lined path,

Melissa couldn't help but take this picture of chocolate boobs. There were chocolate shops everywhere:

Melissa, looking out across the courtyard of the beguinage:

Shelly in the old town square,

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  1. So happy to hear ya'll are doing well. I hope you are able to find all the comic and anime stores downtown...Kiss the babies for me. Also Bedankt(thanks), Tot Straks(till later), Alstublieft(here you go, if you please), Hufter(ass).